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The Prismatic Arts Festival is an annual multi-disciplinary professional arts festival that showcases and celebrates the work of Canada’s leading Indigenous and culturally diverse artists. Based in Halifax, Prismatic brings audiences and artists together from across Canada and beyond.

Prismatic Mission: to be a leading Canadian arts festival that engages diverse stakeholders through performance, networking and collaborative learning.

Prismatic Mandate:

  1. To bring new works of Canada’s leading Indigenous and culturally diverse artists to a wide audience;
  2. To create opportunities for the public to engage with and learn about new art forms and artistic traditions;
  3. To facilitate the professional and artistic development of emerging and professional artists;
  4. To partner with a variety of stakeholders to bring diverse perspectives, experiences and vision to Prismatic’s artistic pursuits and professional development activities.


Since 2008, Prismatic has been staging new and innovative events in performing arts, visual/media arts and literary arts. These new works and contemporary interpretations of traditional art forms bring a rich diversity of cultures and experiences to Halifax’s mainstream stages.

Prismatic also features a national conference through which participants explore creative practice, partnership, networking and scholarship related to culturally diverse and Indigenous artistic production and dissemination.

To date, Prismatic has showcased 270 performances, 615 artists and arts professionals, and has engaged 34,000 audience members.

Prismatic provides unique opportunities for audiences of all ages and backgrounds to engage with the artists and their work in high-quality, accessible performances, workshop and conference events.

Prismatic Arts Festival: Art for Everyone!

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