Prismatic Arts Festival

Allysa Flint

Allysa Flint

September 23 | 9:30-11:45am, September 24 | 9:30-11:00am
Central Library (Free - Paul O’Regan Hall), Central Library (Free - Paul O’Regan Hall)

Allysa Flint, spoken word artist born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, is joining us once again at this year’s Prismatic Arts Festival! Allysa’s powerful performance at the Opening Gala at Prismatic 2015 blew audiences away proving that she has a bright future ahead. Allysa has been writing poetry since she was 12 years old and in recent years she has established herself as an outstanding spoken word performer. Her writing reflects the topics she feels most passionate about – the issues facing youth in this day and age – including sexual violence, suicide, bullying and drugs and alcohol. A sensitive and passionate youth artist, Allysa strives to convey an insightful message to her fellow youth through spoken word.

We are excited to have Allysa Flint on the Prismatic stage once again!