Prismatic Arts Festival

Devprayag Collective – Rohit Chokhani & Ashley Rose

Devprayag Collective – Rohit Chokhani & Ashley Rose

September 18 | 4:00pm | Bus Stop Theatre

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Devprayag Collective is a multicultural couple that demonstrates real challenges we face as Canadians today and their relationship epitomizes how these dilemmas intertwine. One is the dominant gender – the other is the dominant race. One is the marginalized race – the other is the marginalized gender. What happens when these two come together?

Rohit Chokhani is the Artistic Director for Diwali in BC and an Artistic Associate at Bard on the Beach 2017.  In 2016, he launched a sector development initiative called Project SAT (South Asian Theatre project) to create a network for developing, touring, producing and presenting national and international South Asian themed theatre projects in Canada. He was most recently awarded Vancouver’s Jessie Richardson theatre Award for Significant Artistic Achievement in expanding the Diversification of Vancouver Theatre – large theatre. 

Ashley Rose is an artist, facilitator and social justice advocate in Vancouver, BC. Her pursuit of acting has afforded her many beautiful artistic moments including the producing of her short play Eulogy and training with Shakespeare and Company in Boston, MA. She is currently working on a project of her own called the Body Politic relating to our bodies and corresponding treatment of the planet.

At Prismatic 2017, Devprayag Collective will present a reading of excerpts from its new play in development, “The Altar of Us”, a theatre work that reveals the clash of cultures existing amidst their union as it raises interesting questions around culture, race and gender.

The Play is in development with the assistance of Playwrights Theatre Centre (PTC) and through support from Theatre Conspiracy. Consulting Dramaturg: Kathleen Flaherty.