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Good People Bad Things

Good People Bad Things

Aug 22 (6pm) & Aug 24 (4:30)
Alderney Landing Theatre

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In this personal-political monologue, playwright and activist Daniel Thau-Eleff wrestles with the question of evil: Adolf Eichmann and the Nazis, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and a couple whose relationship becomes abusive. Why do good people do bad things?

“A beautiful tapestry of hope and hopelessness” -★★★★ CBC

“Ambitious, political, intense” -★★★★ Winnipeg Free Press

“Take this opportunity to see him” – Mooney on Theatre

Good People Bad Things has been presented in SummerWorks, Canada’s largest juried arts festival, in Impact! (Kitchener/Waterloo), in the Winnipeg Fringe and in Vancouver and Charlottetown.


Written and Performed by Daniel Thau-Eleff
Direction and Dramaturgy by Chris Gerrard-Pinker
With Assistance from Arne MacPherson
Media Design by Steven Hunnie

Company History/Description

Founded in 2003, Moving Target is a Winnipeg-based company with a reputation for innovative, original, personal/political theatre.

Productions include Three Ring Circus: Israel, the Palestinians and My Jewish Identity* (a personal-political monologue), Remember the Night* (a murder-mystery/dark comedy), King’s Park (a psychological drama about doctors and patients, health and illness, fathers and sons), My Affair with George Bernard (historical fiction) and Good People Bad Things.

At present, we have a new play in development about an American soldier in Iraq war who deserts the army, trying to make a life in Canada, currently untitled. The target continues to move.

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