Prismatic Arts Festival

Liliona Quarmyne

Liliona Quarmyne

September 18 | 5:30pm | Dal Arts Centre - Dunn Theatre

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Liliona is an exciting, dynamic and unique addition to the Halifax performing arts scene. She wears many hats – choreographer, dancer, actor, dance teacher, singer, community organizer and facilitator. 

Liliona’s work has included dancing with Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata in Montreal, choreographing for the Noyam African Dance Institute in Accra, Ghana, and creating multiple solo pieces. Her work has been presented by dance Immersion, Kinetic Studio, the International Association of Blacks in Dance, Antigonight, Nocturne, the Start Festival, the Mayworks Halifax Festival and others. Liliona believes that the performing arts can play a central role in the empowerment of communities, and in the development of identity. She strives to create art that is provocative, grounded, and deepens our understanding of the human experience.
Strongly rooted in traditional African dance forms but also heavily influenced by Liliona’s contemporary dance training, Resonances of a Warrior Boy draws deeply from the notion that we can give voice to the ancestral stories that we carry in our bones.  
… in the dialogue between past and present, what stories reside within? When one person’s body carries another’s story, whose story gets told? Resonances of a Warrior Boy is an exploration of ancestral memory, a circular pause in the line between past and future …