Prismatic Arts Festival

Maarja Nuut

Maarja Nuut

September 24 | 7:00-9:00pm, September 25 | 7:00-10:00pm
Company House, Kenneth C. Rowe Hall

MaarjaNuut1Maarja Nuut is a fiddler and singer from Northern Estonia. Her music combines traditional dance tunes, songs, and stories with live electronics to create an intricate layered soundscape in a space where minimalism and experimental music meet the village musical traditions of pre-war Europe. It is like nothing you have heard, and without realizing, you will be whistling her repetitious tunes for hours after watching her perform.

Maarja is a storyteller and her tools are her fiddle, voice and modern electronics. In performance, Maarja creates a lively, relaxed state – entrancing the audience and prolonging being in the moment while altering the ways of seeing, hearing and perceiving.


Her debut album “Soolo” was released in 2013 and her second album “Une meeles” was released internationally in June 2016.

Bringing the sounds and stories of Northern Estonia all the way to the Halifax stage – Prismatic presents musical storyteller Maarja Nuut.



Maarja Nuut’s Website