Prismatic Arts Festival

Mohsen Sharifian & Habib Meftabouchehri

Mohsen Sharifian & Habib Meftabouchehri

September 19 | 7:00pm
Dal Arts Centre - Dunn Theatre | Free

Master musicians, trained in classical and fold music traditions of Southern Iran, Mohsen and Habib will have you on your feet when they perform high energy music that blends ancient sounds with modern electronic and world music influences.

Award-winning Iranian musician, Mohsen Sharifian, brings the traditional music of the Bouchehr region of southern Iran to the global stage. He performs solo and with Lian Music, the band that he formed in 1993. Prismatic is honoured to bring this renown and talented musician back to Nova Scotia.

The film music of Bouchehr draws its distinct sounds from the diverse communities that settled in the region over many generations. This includes: the traditional music of several eras of Iranian history; the religious music of the Islamic, Zoroastrian and Christian communities of the region; fishing songs from coastal communities; influences from Chinese, Indian, Somali and Tanzanian merchants; and perhaps most importantly, the musical traditions of east African slaves who escaped and settled in Bouchehr.