Prismatic Arts Festival

MT Space – The Raft

MT Space – The Raft

September 16, 17 | 7:00pm, 4:00pm | Dal Arts Centre - Dunn Theatre

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Waterloo Region’s first and only multicultural theatre company MT Space Theatre and Tunisia’s El Hamra Theatre present international co-production, The Raft.

The Raft: They are illegal immigrants crammed onto a small raft. They came together to share an escape and a dream. They escape countries that are torn apart by wars and politics. They escape injustice, oppression and poverty. They escape discrimination based on their gender identities, sexual orientations, religious practices and political views. They also share a dream. They dream of a new life in a different land; a land where they can rest their exhausted souls and bodies.
MT Space Theatre creates, produces and presents high quality artistic performances and cultural events reflective of the people who live in the area. MT Space strives to develop forms and practices that speak to, draw upon, reflect, and constitute Canadian contemporary community.

El Hamra Theatre is one of the signature venues in Tunis’ cultural scene and was founded, along with the Afro Arab Centre for Training and Theatre Research by Ezzeddine Gannoun.
Gannoun’s vision included bringing together outstanding graduates of the Afro-Arab Centre – including Majdi Bou-Matar– to devise this timely piece. Majdi Bou-Matar is a theatre director and performer who immigrated to Canada from Lebanon in 2003. With a MA degree in Drama and BA Honours in Theatre Studies he is currently the Artistic Director at IMPACT Festival in Waterloo, ON.
Joining him in the presentation of the Raft is Andy Moro – a multi-award winning mixed-Euro/Omushkego Cree production designer, co-creating and designaturging with companies across the nation.

Prismatic is proud to have MT Space and The Raft – a show that is 85% in Arabic, 15% in French (with English subtitles) take the stage at Prismatic 2017.

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