Prismatic Arts Festival

Music Liberatory

Music Liberatory

September 15 | 7:00pm | Bus Stop Theatre

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Music Liberatory aims to dramatically increase the number of female instrumentalists by providing vision and alliance. With emphasis on maintaining and developing the leadership of women of colour, Music Liberatory offers free music programs to women and girls and collaborates with artists and other groups working to create feminist music cultures. The Music Liberatory wishes to see all women benefit from sharing of music and the freedom this experience brings.


Debuting at Prismatic 2017, “Sisterhood,” the music and film will be screened, discussed and preformed live as a part of an interactive storytelling of the Women Safe & Sound project, a five phased feminist community based collaboration. Over the course of a year, a wide range of women contributed their experiences, creativity and skills to manifest a professional-quality musical and media tribute to the beauty of sisterhood in preventing male violence against women.