Prismatic Arts Festival

Music Liberatory

Music Liberatory

September 24 | 12:00pm
Central Library (Free - Mi'kmaq Circle)

TamarDinaHeadshotMusic Liberatory is a Halifax-based non-profit, grassroots organization, founded by Tamar Dina, that works to dramatically increase the number of female instrumentalists by providing free music programs to women and girls with emphasis on developing and maintaining the cultural leadership of women of colour.

Girls Got Song is a weekly singing group, founded by Music Liberatory, that promotes sisterhood and musical expression between girls aged 9-13. Girls have the opportunity to cover music written by female songwriters/musicians, as well as create and record original music created by the group.

Music Liberatory exemplifies Prismatic’s motto: Art for Everyone. We are pleased to share the work of Girls Got Song and Music Liberatory throughout Prismatic 2016. Also, Timar Dina will be leading Session 6 of The TALK: Arts at the Grassroots, which will explore arts education as a tool of empowerment.

Music Liberatory’s Website