Prismatic Arts Festival



September 22 | 8:00-9:00pm, September 25 | 7:00-10:00pm
Company House, Kenneth C. Rowe Hall

Solawa1Hailing from Montreal – Solawa is a band composed of five incredibly talented, multi-dimensional artists. The music takes you away with a crisp, colourful multi dimensional sound. With something for everyone they perform in Plains Cree, French, Spanish and English. Together they bridge their musical and cultural universes and bring you – Solawa.


Moe Clark is a metis multidisciplinary artist who specializes in vocals and spoken word. Éveline Solawa2Grégoire-Rousseau is a harpist and singer who is always working on new, exciting projects. Damian Nisenson is a composer, singer, and saxophonist –who is heavily inspired by Jewish, Argentinian and Jazz music. Jean Félix Mailloux is a double bassist who is inspired by various genres from jazz to world music. Ziya Tabassian is an Iranian percussionist who specializes in Baroque, Persian and Mediterranean music.

Solawa35 artists. 4 languages. 1 band. Bridging different musical cultures and universes – Prismatic is honoured to bring you a band that showcases the richness and true diversity of contemporary Canada.

Personnel: Moe Clark (vocals), Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau (harp and vocals), Damian Nisenson (sax, guitar, vocals), Jean Félix Mailloux (bass and vocals), Ziya Tabassian (percussions and vocals)

Solawa’s Website