Prismatic Arts Festival

Spoken Word Series

Spoken Word Series

Zaccheus Jackson: Aug 22 (Evening), Aug 23 (Afternoon & Evening), Aug 24 (Afternoon & Evening)
Allysa Flint: Aug 22 (Evening), Aug 23 (Afternoon), Aug 24 (Afternoon & Evening)
Hyf the Gypsy Sun: Aug 23 (Afternoon & Evening)
Alderney Outdoor Mainstage

Zaccheus Jackson

Spoken_word_poet_Zaccheus_Jackson_is_performing_in_CalgaryRaised by wolves since birth, Zaccheus Jackson came of age on the streets of Western Canada. Having battled through addiction, apathy and a nasty case of ‘Virgo’ – Zaccheus has twice been honoured to represent Vancouver and Western Canada at the Individual World Poetry Slam, as well as tying for 3rd @ the innaugural Canadian Individual Poetry Slam in 2011. Usually infusing rapid-fire delivery, gritty street tales, intricate rhyme patterns and social criticism, this ‘East Van ghetto poet’ will leave you counting syllables in your sleep.

Allysa Flint

Alyssa Flint

Allysa Flint is a new spoken word artist on the Halifax scene whose star is rising. She has been writing poetry since the age of 12, and her dream has always been to perform onstage. Her writing reflects the topics she feels the most passionate about: the issues facing youth in this day and age, such as sexual violence, suicide, bullying, drugs and alcohol. A sensitive and passionate youth artist, Allysa strives to convey an insightful message to her fellow youth through her spoken word.

Sergio Guerra / Hyf


Sergio Guerra aka “Hyf the GypsySun” is a Salvadorian-born writer, poet/MC and producer currently living in Ottawa, Canada. An explosive and energetic performer, Hyf offers a story that comes from a timeless place, yet is very grounded in today’s modern context. Gracefully exploring themes of migration, reclamation of lost roots and contemporary street politics, his diverse modes of delivery and natural charm allows audiences to delve into the darkest parts of our psyche, while still pointing towards the direction of hope and our communal potential. Part of Canada’s only hip hop spoken word supergroup, “Missing LinX” and founder of the edu-tainment company called “Nationless Minds”, Hyf also plays the role of curator, studio engineer and film maker, having directed his first music video entitled “Awaken.

He is working in his full-length album entitled “The Mayan in Mecca” and his first short film, called “Little Sisters”. Both projects, as reflected in most of his works, deals with the importance of blood memory and the ability to create a new type of human being by accepting the different cultures of the world to mold us without nationalistic resistance.