Prismatic Arts Festival

Studio Black!

Studio Black!

Sept 20th | 7:00pm
Park Lane - Theatre 5 | co-presented with FIN

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After an award-winning Season One, the ground-breaking series Studio Black! returns to the big screen. These new stories, The Contented Lady and the Rutabaga Rascals, No. 2 Construction, The Devil at the Dance and The Wedding Picture once again demonstrate the amazing range of the talented actors in this African Nova Scotian ensemble as well as their directors, Cory Bowles, Koumbie, and Juanita Peters who made each of these stories their own.   
A Special Panel Discussion including: Koumbie, Juanita Peters, Cory Bowles and Shahin Sayadi will be held in the cinema immediately following the screening.

Directors: Cory Bowles, Koumbie, Juanita Peters
Writer: William D. MacGillivray
Producer: Terry Greenlaw
Cast: Kate MacDonald, Nathan D. Simmons, Stephen M.D. Lawrence, Adrian Bromfield, Cavell Holland-Borden, Micha Cromwell, Koumbie, Brent Williams
Editor: Kimberlee McTaggart
Country: Canada
Runtime: 90 minutes