Prismatic Arts Festival

The Glass House

The Glass House

September 22 | 5:30-7:00pm
Central Library (Free - Paul O'Regan Hall)

GlassHouseSussanNargessThe Glass House is a 2009 Iranian documentary film by Hamid Rahmanian (director and editor) and Melissa Hibbard (producer and script writer).

The documentary gives insight into the life of four young girls who are trying to lift themselves out of the margins of society by attending a support center run by the Omid Foundation in uptown Tehran. Through this film, viewers will meet Samira, aged 14, who is taken in by the program after being found unconscious on the street by the local police. Her mother is in the business of drugs: crystal meth, pills, hashish, and opium. The film also features Mitra, aged 16, a young writer who lives with her emotionally abusive father and brother; Nazila, aged 19, a musician facing legal restrictions on her ability to perform and record music; and 20 year-old Sussan, who is on the edge after years of sexual abuse by her brothers.


This revolutionary documentary shows a side of Iran that is lesser known. It brings viewers face-to-face with young women trying to overcome social and political barriers and the organization that supports and guides them on their journeys.

GlassHouseNazilaThe Glass House will be screened in conjunction with Session 3 of The TALK: Resilience and Rebirth. The screening will be followed be a discussion, featuring representatives of the Omid foundation, on the role that arts play in bridging the cultural and linguistic gaps to raise awareness of global and local issues.