Prismatic Arts Festival

The Sounds of Motown

The Sounds of Motown

Aug 23rd (Evening)
Alderney Outdoor Mainstage

The Sounds of Motown Band came about as a result of the vision (and passion for Motown music) of the late Leo MacKenzie. Leo, who also played guitar with the band, put together this impressive 13-piece group that has been wowing audiences from their first show. Who doesn’t love Motown? And who doesn’t love to dance? The Sounds of Motown Band offers a unique, powerful and exciting entertainment experience that brings joy to all who come out to the shows. The line-up of professional artists is profound. Come on out and boogie!

The Sounds of Motown Are:

Wayne Baker – Trumpet
Cyndi Cain – Vocals
Garrie Cook – Bass
Michelle Durling – Vocals
Patrick Forde – Saxophone
Simon Oakey – Trombone
Henry Lewis – Vocals
James Logan – Guitar
Doug MacKay – Drums
Sam Moon – Vocals
Jim Ralph – Keyboard
Eric Sproul – Trumpet
Carl Thomas – Vocals