Prismatic Arts Festival

Visual Artists

Visual Artists

Robyn Badger: Aug 21 (4pm); Jayme-Lynn Gloade and Lee Crips: Until Aug 24
Alderney Landing Craig Gallery

Artist Talk

Aug 21 (5:45PM) | Wooden Monkey

Featuring Paul Wong, Robyn Badger, Jayme-Lynn Gloade and Lee Cripps.

About the Artists

Robyn Badger

Robyn Badger lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and is currently writing a short film drama. My Right Leg—funded by the Canada Council of the Arts and Arts Nova Scotia—is about a woman’s courageous battle for normality in a life of differences. It is what you don’t see.

In 2005, Robyn came out on Canadian national television about her living with a mental illness in a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) half-hour documentary called Robyn.

Robyn has found success with film workshops within communities that deal with marginalization—she helps people find a voice through video production.

About the Piece

My Right Leg is a short film screenplay. After receiving a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts and Arts Nova Scotia Equity Pilot Project, Robyn Badger completed a draft of the screenplay. With the current support from Prismatic Arts Festival organizers, Robyn is developing the screenplay further with the direction of writing mentor, Ann Verrall. During the festival the two will discuss the process and successes of its development. It is a dramatic comedy based on a true story about coming out, not only as a lesbian but with a mental illness.

Jayme-Lynn Gloade

Jayme-Lynn Gloade is a photographer from Millbrook First Nation. She recently graduated with her BFA from NSCAD University. Her photographs represent fear and loss of tradition, lifestyles, and people. She addresses a modern malaise and apathy in which she uses photography as a tool to memorialize the human tragedy of forgetting. Her work is relatable through the expression of shame we carry as we forget. Culturally, we are consumed by ideas of modernization; by being as close to perfect as humanly possible we forget it’s the flaws that attach us to one another. Her photographs serve as a reminder that we all have the ability to connect and share stories that unite and align us with our past, present, and future. To share is to pay intense attention, which keeps alive the stories of who we are and why we do what we do.

Lee Cripps

About the Artist

After more than a decade in television, Lee made a conscious return to her fine arts roots upon the birth of her daughter in 2007. Becoming a mother solidified for her the importance of living life with intention and truth. Her painting, photography and writing continues as an ongoing investigation of her spirituality, sexuality and feminist beliefs. She is interested in art as expression in the purest form.

About the Presentation

These photographs are representations of the fleeting moments of higher connection I have been fortunate enough to experience in my short life as a spiritual seeker. Much of my photography is contemplative and driven by meditative integration with the natural world. My motivation here was to capture and express the freedom I often feel in these moments, allowing myself a release from the clumsiness and weight of my earth-bound body.