Prismatic Arts Festival

Wabanaki Confederacy Singers

Wabanaki Confederacy Singers

Sept 14th | 6:00pm
Halifax Central Library - Paul O'Regan Hall | Free

Wabanaki Confederacy are a Northern Powwow styled singing group based out of Eastern Canada. This group strives to blend a traditional style of Mi’kmaq singing with a more current style of Northern Powwow. Wabanaki translated roughly means “People of the First Light”. The name of their group was chosen out of respect for their ancestors who suffered and strived to fight for their existence and life as they know it today.

Wabanaki Confederacy is a group made up of family men who take pride in promoting their eastern tribe cultural teachings, while learning and sharing other teachings from tribes throughout the globe. Their goal: creating more cultural awareness of their teachings while still maintaining an inspiring and fun atmosphere through song and dance.

Although Wabanaki Confederacy is a newer singing group, their singers have over 15 years’ of experience singing powwow throughout Canada and the United States.

Prismatic 2017 is honoured to have Wabanaki Confederacy perform at the Opening Gala to create cultural awareness and showcase their incredible talent.