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The 6th Prismatic Arts Festival (Halifax, NS) and TALK is our biggest and most comprehensive line-up of arts events in Prismatic history. Make plans to join us in Halifax, Nova Scotia on September 18th to 20th 2017 for a robust and engaging TALK at Prismatic:

The TALK: 6 sessions will bring together artistic leaders and key stakeholders in the culture sector to tackle some of the most pressing issues in the Canadian professional arts community

Opportunities to engage with colleagues, presenters and community members from across Canada and beyond through industry and networking events

Free arts performances following conference events each day.

Discounted festival pass when you register for the full conference.

Accommodations at Atlantica Hotel – click on link to book your room at our discounted rate.




THE ETALK: Building Strength through engagement, exploration and equity


#1 As the World Turns: New Trends in Public Arts Funding

September 18th – 9:30am to 1pm – Room 401 Dal Arts Centre

Public arts funding in Canada and elsewhere in the world is in the midst of changing to better serve artists, audiences and communities. Prismatic will gather a panel of funders and artists from Canada, Australia and the UK to explore new trends in public arts funding.

This session will bring together public arts funders from various jurisdictions to explore the factors that are driving changes to funding, to understand the different approaches to new funding models, and to discuss how artists have experienced these changes.
Outlander: Ensuring that No Artist is Left Beyond the Margins

September 18th – 1:45pm to 4:15pm – Room 401 Dal Arts Centre

Are efforts to promote and support diversity in the arts leaving the behind artists who are at the outer edges – the most vulnerable, the most isolated, the least supported? What responsibilities do fellow artists owe to our colleagues to ensure that they are not left beyond the margins? How are funders and service organizations serving and supporting these artists? What are effective strategies to ensure that no artist is left beyond the margins? This panel will allow artists, activists and academics to discuss the ways that we can best support marginalized artists in our communities.
 Are You Being Served?: Are Service Organizations Meeting the Needs of  Indigenous and Culturally Diverse Artists?

September 19th – 9:30am to 12pm – Room 401 Dal Arts Centre

Prismatic invites representatives from national service organizations and artists’ associations to discuss the role that service organizations can and should play in promoting and supporting Indigenous and culturally diverse artists. What role do these organizations currently play in the Canadian arts ecology and what roles are these organizations expected to play in the next 50 years?
Arrested Development: Are Touring Opportunities Influencing the Creative Process?

September 19th – 1pm to 3:30pm – Room 401 Dal Arts Centre

Festivals, showcases and touring play a vital role in linking arts to audiences, but are these presenting formats (and the constraints that they present) influencing the creative process? Are artists self-censoring to make work more “tourable”? Are larger shows restricted for touring and showcase opportunities? What obligation do presenters have to take on challenging shows? Are there other ways to connect arts to audiences?
A Different World: Promoting Equity and Diversity in Canadian Arts Education

September 20th 9:30am to 12pm – Room 401 Dal Arts Centre

Canada’s public and private schools play a key role in training young artists, transmitting Canadian and global arts history and practices, and providing the foundation for the next generation’s artistic work. What role do Canadian schools play in promoting equity and diversity in the arts? How are arts education programs promoting diversity and equity through their hiring and admissions policies, their programs and course work, and strategic planning?
 Dragon’s Den: Public Funder Information Session on New Funding Programs

September 20th 1pm to 3:30pm – Room 401 Dal Arts Centre

Prismatic welcomes representatives from public funders to discuss new funding programs. There will be opportunities for both emerging and established artists to explore new funding opportunities and exchange “tips and tricks” for successful applications. 

**This session is free and open to the public*


Registration for eTALK is now open:
$35 single session (lunch not included)
$90 day pass (includes lunch)
$180 conference pass
$75 festival pass
$225 conference and festival pass (access to all Prismatic events)